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Write a CV summary if you have a lot of relevant experience.

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Recent graduate in Business Administration looking for a first full-time job. Seeking to leverage strong data entry and lab maintenance skills gained through volunteer lab experience at the campus to ensure all research databases and libraries are easily accessible to XYZ State’s students.

Not much work experience yet, but I’m a quick learner with a go-for attitude. The wrong example doesn’t mention any specific position. It suggest the candidate is probably spamming identical CVs to all employers within a 30-mile radius.

Go for a CV objective if you’re writing an entry-level CV or a career change CV.

Describe what you’ve learned so far and how well you’ll fit in.

Looking for a new role in a fast-paced tech company.

Remember: a CV personal statement is not a place to randomly list all your professional skills. Always provide examples that validate your expertise.Met 150% of revenue goal in a fast-paced tech firm.Led 7 cross-functional product teams to 25% efficiency improvement and £1.2M cost savings.How is it even possible to select the best candidates in so little time?Here’s the key phrase: , CV profile, career objective, or a career aim) is a short paragraph at the top of your CV.If the CV personal statement samples above seemed too intimidating, don’t worry.Even without a wealth of job experience, you can successfully sell yourself in a CV profile.We’ve divided them into two categories: CV personal statements for experienced candidates and CV profiles for entry-level job seekers and recent school leavers.Marketing Specialist CV Personal Statement Examples Manchester-based growth marketer with a background in sales and 5 years of experience growing conversion rates for an international mobile carrier. Seeking to leverage leadership excellence to raise ROI and lead-generation efficiency for Symantec.And you’ll buy yourself much more of the recruiter’s eyetime! ) Want to save time and have your CV ready in 5 minutes? 1 Some career experts claim that a CV personal statement is a relict of the past. To understand why it’s so powerful, have a look below at the results of an eye-tracking study by the Ladders. Only the one to the right has a CV personal statement.This guide will show you: First, have a look at a sample CV with a personal statement at the top. Notice two things: Long story short: a CV personal profile will drastically boost your chances of getting invited for an interview. If you're curious what the difference between a CV and a resume is, check out our guide: Depending on your level of experience, your personal profile will work as a CV summary or a CV career objective.


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