Writing Dissertation With Microsoft Word

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The templates are used to store information about your margins, styles, images, charts, reports and various other elements that make up a dissertation.

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If you want to hear me rave about Scrivener, you can read my previous post “Is your computer domesticating you? Microsoft Word is good at text formatting and managing multiple objects, like tables and dynamic graphs.

For tricky formatting such as a thesis or long book with lots of graphics, Microsoft Word is probably still the most accessible and user friendly program out there (yes, I know there is La Tex, In Design and various other products that make beautiful documents, but most universities don’t supply them by default and the learning curve can be steep).

You have to edit all of it manually to adjust the new page numbers.

Now that you have the styles and table of contents in place, you need to create a template to use for each chapter of your dissertation.

However, doing any sort of complex formatting operation in Word is deeply irritating because, to my mind at least, the tools are often unnecessarily complex and subtle.

It’s one of the areas where users suffer most from the rampant feature bloat that has affected the program over the years.

The genius of Scrivener is that it is designed with the work of a researcher in mind.

It allows you to keep your document orderly while doing all the ‘other’ things that researchers have to do as they write: read stuff, look at stuff, plan stuff, back track, over write, rewrite, store notes, compare versions and other deviations from actual ‘writing’ too numerous to mention. It’s unavoidable when I collaborate with other people who have yet to drink my Scrivener Kool Aid and, although I am loathe to admit it, good old Word does things some things better than Scrivener.

This book guides a graduate student, step by step, thorough the process of using Microsoft Word to produce a dissertation that meets the requirements of the student's graduate school -- the first time it's submitted.

Throughout, the book uses real-world examples of formatting requirements from actual graduate schools, and is amply illustrated to provide a visual guide to working through Microsoft Word.


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