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In addition to these reasons why attending a Community college makes sense, another can be for the location and the convenience demographically to home.

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After my campus tour, I took some extra time to visit the Adam Joseph Lewis Center.

It’s an amazing space and the students I chatted with spoke highly of their professors.

The supplemental college essay, however, needs to be different for every application.

Thus, it's tempting to dash off a generic and vague piece that can be used at multiple schools, resulting in a weak essay.

A two year college basically gives the student a second chance.

Once these students have better grades, the chance of being accepted at a university and even be qualified for scholarships improve.

It is said by Jeffery King in “5 Reasons Community Colleges Make Sense Right Now” that many students will switch majors in the first two years, which makes sense because it’s difficult to plan your life at 18 or 19 years old.

Since community college does not make one declare a major, the student has much more time to decide.

Attending a community college will provide an associate’s degree which is achieved by taking prerequisite type courses, such as, mathematics, English, and science.

Money can be saved because these types of courses are needed wherever you choose to attend.


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