When To Include Relevant Coursework Resume

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This can be helpful to give a company a sense of who you are when you don’t have much work history.But a better choice, if you have it, would be to show tech community involvement through meetups, open source contributions, a Git Hub account, or something along those lines.Create a separate section resume your education on your resume. Standard resume formatting is to list the most recent courses or degrees you have received and then continue the list in chronological order.

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You’ll need to decide how impressive the award is at the current point in your career.

For example, if you were valedictorian, you can probably keep that on your resume for 10 years or more — but it will be a bullet point in your college section, and not more.

Basically, unless you can point to a specific impressive accomplishment that you achieved in the role, it’s really not adding anything extra to your resume. Including relevant coursework on your resume can be a good way to back up your skills when you’re looking for your first job, but once you’ve gotten that, college coursework looks silly.

The real-world experience you gained from working is more relevant, even if you‘re using the coursework to demonstrate experience with a technology you haven’t used in a previous position.

Other than a few exceptions, such as the valedictorian example I mentioned, or a Greek affiliation for the purpose of connecting with a hiring manager affiliated with the same association, you’ll want to drop the college details within 5 years of graduation.

Around five years, that stuff starts to look pretty silly.

A better choice is to just list the technology under your skills.

If interviewers want to know more about your specific experience with it, they’ll ask. That’s where the decision can get a little fuzzier.

Your employer may ask you about relevant course and you may then be in a position where you bullet to be dishonest in your interview.

This could then lead to not getting the job due to references coursework do not include your false education.


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