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Maybe it was how you felt when you learned a new skill? Yes, we all know for 99% of us the primary motivation for most jobs is the paycheck, but for the sake of this exercise (and your future interviews) let’s just assume the hiring manager already know that and look at other factors that motivate you. Do you love the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a big project on time and under budget?Is it the glow you get from being told you did a great job on a difficult task?Maybe it’s seeing how much others enjoy seeing what you’ve done?

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Because this question requires serious self-examination, it’s a question you should be asking yourself long before the interviewer does.

While many basic interview questions can be answered off the top of your head, the question “What motivates you” is one that covers more than just your career history or salary requirements.

As a personal participant in this "game", we call life, I would say I worked hard for and earned first place. Too bad, not everyone sees it in the same light as I do.

As a student, I am an active participant in my academic and extracurricular activities. club (two years), second year as secretary, Pep Club, Varsity Club, Choir Club, and Computer Club.

Ok, so before we get started on learning how to answer this difficult interview question, we wanted to let you know that there are over 100 other difficult interview questions you could be asked in your job interview. Don’t worry, because we created a free PDF that outlines the most common questions and gives you word for word sample answers that you can use at your next interview. So why do hiring managers like to ask this question?

Is it because they like to see job seekers stumble? While it might seem like the only reason behind asking this question is purely for the entertainment of your interviewer, there are actually several important things an interviewer can learn about the interviewee based on their answer, including just what sort of person they really are and how that matches up with what the company is looking for in a new hire.

What motivates you as an individual is directly related to your goal-orientation and ambition levels.

Are you someone who is motivated to achieve more in life or are you comfortable doing the bare minimum?

During the past years of my high school career I have participated and received awards in the following: Cheerleading (eight years), twice as captain, '97 -'98 Varsity Letter in Cheerleading, '98 AIM scholar, Who's Who Among American Cheerleaders, and '98 Academic Excellence Award while participating in Virginia High School League Interscholastic Activities. I currently belong to the Hiking and Outdoor Club, Ski Club, Pep Club, and Environmental Awareness Club.

In addition, this year I participate in a program called Read With A Friend.


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