What Leadership Qualities Did Martin Luther King Demonstrate

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Jay (1998) noted that leader’s charisma is a contagious indictor to help his follows.

When a leader is considered to be very attractive, then their subordinates are more willing to take the leader’s proposals to work.

Another case of Martin Luther King is that his speech of “I have a dream” deeply motivated black people fighting for civil rights and freedom.

On the contrary, Martin (2005) argued that the external environment and situation has undergone tremendous changes, adverse psychological characteristics and values, which have not been expressed before, may happen on charismatic leaders.

The charisma of a leader on the facet of interpersonal skills can bring big advantages for many reasons.

In the first place, employees tend to seek charismatic leaders who they believe.

German sociologist Max Weber (1968) made the first argument of charismatic leadership that a leader with charisma is able to convince people.

He believed that the leadership of charismatic individuals with exceptional quality can size up the situation immediately and lead to a very profound influence on his subordinates.


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