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Venture capitalists are one solution to financing high risk, but potentially high reward companies.Usually the investors receive a say in the company’s management, they may be on the board, and they expect to receive returns 5-10 times their investment of up to 50 million dollars (Burk).soldiers were unwilling to take back their old jobs and started out on their own. There were also local businesses leaders involved in the project.

Venture capitalists are one solution to financing high risk, but potentially high reward companies.

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A decade later, many other venture capital firms were formed.

They were all structured as publicly traded closed-end funds as were ARD’s.

These portfolio companies that receive venture capital are thought to have excellent growth prospects.

Start-up companies don’t usually have the access to capital markets because they are private.

About half of ARD’s profits came from its investment in Digital Equipment Company in 1957.

It had only invested , 000 but had grown in value to 5 million.Because of this, most of the capital raised by individuals in the 70’s.After a much needed change pension funds were allowed to be used, and subsequently accounted for more than half of all the contributions (Gompers).During these years, the total annual venture funds were small and never exceeded a couple hundred million dollars.In the beginning pension funds were prohibited from investing in venture capital due to the high risk.This meant good advertising and mail-order businesses all at cheap prices.The venture capitalists saw the fast rise in valuation of these companies and moved faster and with less caution than usual, choosing to hedge the risk by starting many companies and letting the market decide which would succeed.Others soon followed suit, but limited partnership remained the minority during 1960’s and 1970’s.The rest were either closed-end funds, or small business investment companies.Later there was more change to come and in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s limited partnerships became the dominant form of the venture capital industry.Dot-Com Boom and Bust When the internet business started booming in the mid 1990’s, people were seeing how the internet connected them to others around the world.


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