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Confidence and courage are key, just believing that once you do it, things will work out. The growth of my boutique healthy vending company, Karma Box Vending, has definitely been an awesome entrepreneurial journey for me. I was a college freshman and, like most students, I was exposed to a lot of vending machines. was a leap of faith and taught me that the difference between being an entrepreneur and a "wantrepreneur" is taking that first big step.

Part of my mission from the get-go was to build a brand of vending machines.

They're everywhere but the only thing that sticks out about vending machines to most people is Coca-Cola, which isn't a vending company.

The goal of Launch Pad Nation is to give people the tools, resources, steps and personal coaching to take their idea, or their existing business, to the next level. Mac Quarrie is the founder and CEO of Karma Box Vending.

If there's one key lesson I've learned in business is that it's all about the why.

This was up in Nova Scotia, so it was easy to talk to people because Canadians are friendly by nature.

I landed some great placements, but as for selling people a granola bar, the timing wasn't right.

To turn a profit on high-end items like these, the vending machine has to be in a highly visible location where it will regularly attract buyers.

If a machine like this is not set up to be successful with its target audience, it will not turn a profit.

So I created a specific look for Karma Box to build brand identity for people looking for healthy snacks on-the-go.

I was a 21-year-old college kid trying to run a business and make it work. I was calling schools, hotels, airports, athletic centers and pitching to them.


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