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Dutch possessions in the East Indies, captured in 1781, were returned by Britain to the Netherlands in exchange for trading privileges in the Dutch East Indies, by a treaty which was not finalized until 1784.

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Britain would take the area north of the Ohio River.

In the area south of that would be set up an independent Indian barrier state under Spanish control.

However, the Americans realized that they could get a better deal directly from London.

John Jay promptly told the British that he was willing to negotiate directly with them, cutting off France and Spain. He was in charge of the British negotiations (some of which took place in his study at Lansdowne House, now a bar in the Lansdowne Club) and he now saw a chance to split the United States away from France and make the new country a valuable economic partner.

Many of the conditions that led to the American Revolution were laid when Britain attempted to tax the colonies in order to defray the cost of the French and Indian War.

Following Britain’s surrender at Yorktown, the American delegation of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay negotiated the Treaty of Paris of 1783.Some of the more infamous Treaties were the following: The very first Treaty of Paris, in 1229, ended the Albigensian Crusade, a political/religious war that took place inside of modern-day France.The 1259 Treaty of Paris and the 1303 Treaty were both agreements to end hostilities between England and France.Spain also received the island of Menorca; the Bahama Islands, Grenada, and Montserrat, captured by the French and Spanish, were returned to Britain.The treaty with France was mostly about exchanges of captured territory (France's only net gains were the island of Tobago, and Senegal in Africa), but also reinforced earlier treaties, guaranteeing fishing rights off Newfoundland.The treaty was drafted on November 30, 1782, Regarding the American Treaty, the key episodes came in September 1782, when French Foreign Minister Vergennes proposed a solution that was strongly opposed by his ally, the United States.France was exhausted by the war, and everyone wanted peace except for Spain, which insisted on continuing the war until it could capture Gibraltar from the British.Copies were sent back to Europe for ratification by the other parties involved, the first reaching France in March 1784.British ratification occurred on April 9, 1784, and the ratified versions were exchanged in Paris on May 12, 1784.Details included fishing rights and restoration of property and prisoners of war.This treaty and the separate peace treaties between Great Britain and the nations that supported the American cause—France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic—are known collectively as the Peace of Paris.


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