Traffic In Egypt Essay

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With regards to driving, Egypt has one of the highest incidents of road fatalities, per miles driven, in the world.

The badly maintained road network has expanded rapidly to over 21,000 miles, covering the Nile Valley and Nile Delta, Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts, the Sinai and the Western oasis.

The report also estimated that the cause of accidents was due to human error (76.8 percent), technical malfunctions (15.7 percent) and problems with the quality of roads and their maintenance (2.7 percent).

As such, the number of road accidents, which are estimated to be one of the primary causes of youth under the age of 25 in Egypt, was lessened by an improvement in road infrastructure.

Other dangerous practices in big cities include driving while under the influence (alcoho, tramadol and hashish are most common), not wearing a seatbelt, being distracted and on phones while driving and lastly driving sleep deprived which is the most common fault of truck and bus drivers in the country.

Traffic In Egypt Essay

In February, Egypt launched a governmental online platform called ‘Egypt Traffic’ where Egyptians can renew their cars’ licenses and pay fines without having to go to the traffic services office.Transport in Egypt is centered in Cairo and largely follows the pattern of settlement along the Nile.The Ministry of Transportation and other government bodies are responsible for transportation in Egypt, whether by sea, land or air.Though most of the transport in the country is still done on the national highways, motorways are becoming increasingly an option in road transport within the country.The existing motorways in the country are: Plus, Egypt has developed an extensive system of 4-lane highways that can be classified as freeways, because they serve as normal roads and do not discriminate the traffic on it, thus rendering them slower than motorways.Traffic rules are routinely ignored by impatient drivers.Two routes in the Trans-African Highway network originate in Cairo.The Suez Canal, 193.5 km (including approaches), is used by oceangoing vessels, drawing up to 17.68 m of water (2011).As of 2018 the information in the CIA World Factbook states the following regarding Egypt's pipelines: "condensate 486 km; condensate/gas 74 km; gas 7,986 km; liquid petroleum gas 957 km; oil 5,225 km; oil/gas/water 37 km; refined products 895 km; water 65 km (2013)" Cairo International Airport is used by numerous international airlines, including the country's own Egypt Air.The Nile River system (about 1,600 km or 1,000 mi) and the principal canals (1,600 km.) are important locally for transportation.People still travel via the Nile, mainly between Cairo and Aswan.


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