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Ultimately, a business plan will make financial forecasts and projections that will demonstratively prove why your business is a solid enough investment to risk putting money into.Of course, even the best business plan relies on estimates and guesstimates, as it's impossible to predict market changes, developments, and future performance under such conditions.

The next plan up is the Detailed plan, that for $19.95 monthly supports three business plans, and offers a significant 55% discount when paid annually, making it even better value.

is business planning software that offers a simple pricing scheme as there is only a single plan to choose from.

These are particularly designed with funding in mind, no matter what kind of business you run.

What is especially helpful is that Wise doesn’t simply deal with business plan templates for a diverse range of business types, the company also provides plan templates for franchises and non-profits.

Rather than complicate things with too many tiers to choose from, Live Plan only has a single offering for $11.66 per month if paid annually, or $19.95 per month on a rolling basis.

promises to simplify and speed up business planning,and claims to be able to flesh out a plan in an hour or two, via a novel 273 card sort system that covers many common situations.

Those that need even more assistance also can take advantage of an expert consultation from a financial expert that starts at 9.

Plans start at per month, but alternatively you can pay 9 for a year's license.

For the serious business consultant, a lifetime license is available for 9.

Plan Guru is a comprehensive, and powerful software package in the business planning space.


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