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However, later in the novel, they turn upon Ralph after killing Piggy. This is where their innocence is lost in the maze of confusion.‘Savageness’ in the society is another overarching theme of Through the character of Jack and his hunters, William Golding has wonderfully displayed that human nature can quickly turn from prey to savagery. The ways of Jack tempt them toward hunting which is savagery in nature.

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William Golding has deliberately put children in the wilderness to evaluate how virtue is an innate feature of human nature, and how it loses against the vice.

Although simple at first, a devious immoral action of Jack to dominate the children by taking leadership from Ralph turns into a vice.

If there is an absence of social norms, people show their true nature, and it is mostly evil and vicious.

However, social norms, traditions, and customs protect the weaker group.

Ralph's only ally died leaving him to fend for himself.

Eventually, when everyone takes Jack's side, Ralph was forced to run away, only further alienating him...With Piggy’s death, the rational thinking among the children comes to an end. A major latent theme that William Golding has put into is the presence of social norms and traditions.The idea behind this theme is that it is the pressure of the social norms and traditions that force people to obey laws and rules or traditions.This shows how savageness or savagery spread in a society when there are no restrictions.Vice against virtue is another major theme of the novel.This leads to a total lapse of character if there is no social or legal restriction on humans.This also shows that evil spreads quickly if goodness is not present to obstruct it with the same proportion.Hence, Piggy remained safe until there were a proper leadership and rule of conch.Yet he is instantly killed when conch becomes an obsolete thing. The death of Piggy and flight of Ralph from fear of death at the hands of Jack and his hunters is the loss of innocence.At first, the innocent boys have become hunters symbolically.


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