The Great Gatsby Descriptive Essay

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He instantly fell in love with her beauty and glam. I can’t help what’s past.”” She began to sob helplessly.

Her promise to Gatsby was to wait for him until he had money and a stable living condition, however, her need for attention caused her promise to come up short, with the announcement of her wedding with a different man.””Oh, you want too much! “”I did love him once – but I loved you too.” (Fitzgerald 132) Gatsby’s indiscretion continues to withhold him from achieving his dream of Daisy and his insecurities stand in the way of the possibility of true love and true living.

Through his efforts to gain love he ultimately loses himself and forgets to live his own life.

Creating a facade of the lifestyle he craves for, Gatsby’s dream becomes less and less obtainable.

Scott Fitzgerald many themes and thoughts are expressed through subtlety and secrecy of characters and objects.

With these underlying conceptions Fitzgerald is able to reveal Gatsby, the main character, as someone with a loss of identity which ultimately leads to his attempt to restore the past and failure to grasp the present before it’s overdue.

Nick soon discovers that the glamorous, refined partygoers are in fact quite shallow and not very interesting.

Soon, Nick stumbles upon Jordan Baker who he spends his time with for the rest of the evening and they begin to mingle with other guests at the party.

Gatsby’s history has brought him to a desperate state which conclusively leads him to an obsession with the past and no time for the present.

Devastation sets in Gatsby’s heart as Daisy gets further and further out of his reach.


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