The Franks Thesis Statement

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Look especially at terms like liberal or conservative, radical or progressive.

Be prepared to define other central terms, such as major change, that may appear to be obvious but can be ambiguous.

Rather, use the documents as part of an integrated essay in support of your thesis.

The readers of the essays are already familiar with the documents.

In 800, the Frankish king Charlemagne was crowned emperor in Rome by Pope Leo III in an effort to revive the Roman Empire in the west.

The Carolingian Empire is considered the first phase in the history of the Holy Roman Empire, which lasted until 1806.In addition to having a strong thesis, it is a good idea to have a guiding organizational principle—a stated agenda for making your point.Try to integrate your outside information into your response.The Carolingian Empire (800–888), also known as the Empire of the Romans and Franks (Latin: Romanorum sive Francorum imperium), was a large Frankish-dominated empire in western and central Europe during the early Middle Ages.It was ruled by the Carolingian dynasty, which had ruled as kings of the Franks since 751 and as kings of the Lombards in Italy from 774.The Franks prize is jointly funded by the NPT group and the National Physical Laboratory.Ph D supervisors and CDT course directors can nominate for this Prize.After a civil war (840–43) following the death of Emperor Louis the Pious, the empire was divided into autonomous kingdoms, with one king still recognised as emperor, but with little authority outside his own kingdom.The unity of the empire and the hereditary right of the Carolingians continued to be acknowledged.The qualifying period is the calendar year 2018, during which time the thesis must have been successfully examined for a Doctoral Degree and the final version submitted (theses originally submitted in 2017 are therefore eligible if they were examined in 2018).Nominations can be sent by email to the Ph D Prize Coordinator, Dr Cate Ducati, University of Cambridge, [email protected], at any time before the closing date of 28 June 2019.


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