Spriestersbach Dissertation Prize

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The bullet tears through her mouth and spinal cord.

He reloads and climbs to the top of the stairs and begins to hear the shouts from the police.

He also continued to plan his revenge on his college's physics department should his appeal fail.

Professor Chris Goertz directed the research that Gang was involved in for his Ph. Professor Robert "Bob" Smith collaborated with Chris on part of the research.

In May 1991, Gang filed for a gun permit, which he received and then purchased a handgun in July.

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He then spent the next several months shooting the gun at practice ranges until he was dead on target. In 1999 the Michigan Team was one of the 5 winners of the Putnam Competition, placing 4th. Turrubiates (eds.), The influence of Solomon Lefschetz in geometry and topology: 50 years of Mathematics at Cinvestav, Contemporary Mathematics, Amer. , 40th International Mathematical Olympiad, Bucharest, Romania, 1999, 42nd International Mathematical Olympiad, Washington, USA, 2001, 58th International Mathematical Olympiad, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2017. In 1998 the Michigan Team placed 14th among over 200 teams.He later seriously wounded another student before he committed suicide.Perpetrator and motives The perpetrator of the shooting was 28-year-old Gang Lu (family name Lu; Chinese: 卢刚 L Gāng), a former graduate student at the University of Iowa.Bob collapses to the floor and Gang leaves the room. He reaches Dwight's office, stands in the doorway and fires a round into his head. Two young scientist are crouched over Bob, loosening his clothes and talking to him.The next shot missed the mark, so Gang fired another round into Dwight's head and the Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa dies at his desk. From where Bob is on the floor, he can see Chris still sitting in his chair, his head at an unnatural angle.He talks with Miya Sioson, a young student working as a temp for Vice-President for Academic Affairs T. Miya calls Anne out of her office and Anne talks to Gang briefly before he raises the gun and shoots her in the face.Miya begins to stand up when Gang turns and fires on her.Around this afternoon, during its regularly weekly meeting, Gang abruptly stands up and leaves the meeting.He goes to the floor below to see if Dwight is in his office. Gang returns to the meeting upstairs and enters the room, carrying the handgun.


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