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This may be where you make the “bad person” estimation. I went on 28 first dates that year, all entered into the spreadsheet.

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Lesson learned: never let your libido fill out your dating spreadsheet.

Third, and most important: Our feelings about people change as we get to know them.

by Karyn Stille When do you use a spreadsheet, and when do you need a database? Information and records were stored by hand and financial records were calculated manually and entered in to the worksheets.

Spreadsheets Before the computer, bookkeepers, record keepers, and accountants used the paper and pencil method along with a ledger or record book containing worksheets.

I sifted through literally thousands of pictures of men standing on mountains in hiking gear. Playing through.” I realized that I didn’t have to date someone very long for it to sting horribly when I found out that I rated lower on their figurative spreadsheet than they did on my literal one.

I discovered I had a preference for the tall and the bearded (the second a virtual requirement if you’re dating men in Portland).

There-could-be-a-small-colony-of-elves-in-my-vagina-baking-cookies-for-all-I-know-because-no-one’s-been-up-there-to-check single (though that would be a loud and delicious-smelling enterprise to hide, and thus seemed unlikely). I resolved that I’d be up for whatever came my way.

I began with a humiliating but necessary public Facebook request: friends—set me up, give me advice, find me options!

And if I had updated his scores as we dated, things would have changed considerably.

In March, we had an escapade that would have ratcheted his sex score up to 10. And in the summer, when I went through a weeks-long anxiety episode that left me feeling broken and too crazy to love, I learned that he was deeply kind and even more forgiving. Other categories I’d left off: thoughtfulness, gratitude, physical affection, slightly waking up and making a sweet “Mmmm” noise whenever I make him the little spoon, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Gerald Ford’s “Halloween Massacre” cabinet reorganization in 1975.


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