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Across the street there was yet another restaurant you could take your family, that restaurant was very formal.In return, you were greeted more formally by the tuxedo clad matrde when you arrived, typically with a ‘good evening sir or ma’am or miss, do you have a reservation?’ guests were commonly addressed as ma’am’ and sir compared to the standard greeting of the family restaurant I worked in that was something closer to ‘welcome folks, come on in, do you need a high-chair for the little one?

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For example, sociologists questioned linguistics’ lack of definition for language or dialect while linguists raised concerns about sociology’s reliance on large quantified data.

However, by the end of the seminar, the scholars agreed the encounter had raised important questions and opened new paths of investigation through both sociological and linguistic approaches, including the study of language and social stratification, multilingualism, and language standardization.

Avoid counting tokens that, due to some aspect of their linguistic, social, or stylistic context, do not allow for variation.

This is the place to describe the variable(s) you are investigating. What linguistic factors were considered (that might influence the outcome)?

There are higher and lower registers that employ different idioms, and greater or lesser amounts of slang.

Therefore, an email or a text message to a friend would look very different from a thank you letter to a When we addressed customers, we would never explain we would be returning soon with the requested item once we got it from the eight door, or correcting them if they asked for no butter, we would simply reply in a manner that would keep the customer happy and at ease, and use the appropriate formality and register “of course I will be right back with that.” In addition, since this was a family restaurant without table clothes that had a casual versus formal atmosphere we were polite yet casual with our guests.Similarly the sociologists asked for guidance on defining the limits between language and dialect or between one language and another, only to find that the linguists regarded this question as a troublesome problem for which they had no ready solution.One of the greatest obstacles to effective communication between the two groups was the simple fact that the term “data” meant very different things to sociologists and linguists.The sociologists were in a different state: They recognized the need for a deeper understanding of language behavior, but they were doubtful about the social science sophistication of the linguists.On the other hand, the sociologists were perhaps too easily impressed by the linguists’ apparent familiarity with the facts of dozens of languages. Is it clear that all the variants mean the same thing? What effect do/did you expect each variant to have? A register is a mark of a specific kind of conversation or style, relating directly to that social situation.Registers imply formality and are tailored to suit the relationship and role of the speakers. Either provide examples of some coded tokens in the text of your paper, or an appendix with all of the coded data. Provide a that summarizes all the relevant linguistic variables and their possible variants, with examples from your data. I will be happy to read them and give you feedback so that you can revise and resubmit. Also, even small pilot sets of data should illustrate the correlations you expect to find.


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