Soap Opera Thesis

Then, watching soaps is a way of escaping the gloomy reality and making life more interesting.For elderly people, who have grown-up children and have already retired, soap operas become one of the few things that let them feel the variety of emotions they did when being young.

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Not surprisingly, this rhetoric has grown common even in everyday life: that aunt is a money-hungry devil, don’t let the gossiping neighbour set her eyes on you, the landlord is a sneaky, conniving rat.

However, the appeal of characters who remain naïve, unassuming and trusting, only to be walked all over by their more cunning counterparts, remains undiminished.

But since it has already been adopted as a regular feature of the game, there is nothing more that can be done about it. The French nutritionist and dietician, Pierre Dukan, designed a diet plan, which involved the intake of proteins and has been named as the “Dukan Diet”.

This diet plan suggests that when man was living in the hunting and gathering society they were healthier because of their eating habits; consequently, Dukan introduced this specific diet plan….

Thus, it reminds them of how interesting and exciting life can be and distracts them from their own, often lonely, reality.

On balance, I think that soap operas are popular for the fact that they let people and make their life much more interesting.If you’ve grown up in an Indian household, chances are that you know at least one person who diligently watches a TV serial, as they are called, every night.From my sporadic, involuntary absorption into the world of South Indian television dramas, I have deduced a few things: the degree of suffering that a person undergoes is directly proportional to the “goodness” of their character, and people are either entirely good or altogether evil.A woman is chided by society for her loud and brash manner; background music meant to tug at one’s heartstrings accompanies the sermon they deliver about how her behaviour is unbecoming of a woman and causes everyone distress.Scenarios like these — and many others, including the normalisation of avunculate marriages or vilification of premarital romantic (let alone sexual) relationships — aren’t uncommon in Indian soaps, which primarily target female audiences.While exceptions exist, for the most part things seem to have regressed since the '90s, when one of the first Indian TV series, dramas dominate this world.Barring some exceptions, a lot of these women-centric shows usually aim to provide justice to their virtuous long-suffering female lead, ultimately arriving at a happy end.But the main question we must ask ourselves is, does the television that we choose to regularly immerse ourselves in contribute towards repairing our myopia or does it further perpetuate it? Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.We can choose a show most appropriate for our current mood, whether it is… Telenovelas — literally television novels — have some things in common with their American cousins, the daytime soap operas.


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