Short Email Cover Letter For Resume

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If you play your cards right, you can strike it rich and land a career.

If you mess up, you can blow your chances with that company.

The ways in which you can contact the companies you want to work for are multiplying, and one of the methods is through email.

Here’s how to structure your resume and cover letter for an email application, so you put your best foot forward and don’t blow your chances.

Some companies don’t allow you to apply via email, and if you try that method you’ll be automatically rejected.

Once you figure out if you’re allowed to email them, follow the instructions on that job posting to the letter.Most job searches are conducted electronically these days.While you might still send in your resume and cover letter on paper as a backup, you’ve probably sent them by e-mail as well.In an e-mail you should format your contact info as a signature block below the text. Below your name, on successive lines, you should list your address, phone number, website (if you have one) and e-mail address.An e-mailed cover letter is typically shorter than a conventional printed cover letter.That way anyone who is viewing the inbox will know whom to forward it to.When you’re introducing yourself and addressing the person who will be reading your application, there are a few things you absolutely need to get right.For example, you might be instructed to send your cover letter as an attachment and put a specific phrase in the subject line. If there are no instructions on the ad itself, check the hiring section of the company’s website to see if there are guidelines for applications.Unless there are specific instructions otherwise, your cover letter should be the body of the e-mail you send, while your resume should be an attachment or an HTML link. If you attach a Word document, you run the risk that the hiring manager’s computer is running a different version of the software and might format your text differently.If you’re linking to an online resume, make certain that the link works.Electronic responses usually prompt electronic screening. If you don’t want your e-mail to end up in the delete file, use strong keywords which will stand out in software filter searches.


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