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Instead, it makes far more sense to establish rituals and systems to get some serious work done.

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Our bodies are habitual to physical labor due to many millennia of conditioning/evolution while living as nomads or hunter gatherers.

Sadly, the importance of health is often recognized only some damage is done.

While I am no expert in bringing my shit together, I strive for self-improvement and adhere to some basic tenets given below to make this process easier, defined and repeatable.

The holy grail of self-improvement, this attitude ensures that you are open to the idea of learning without the false barriers of age, remain in tune with the changing times and do not get fossilized under the false assumption that learning is not for you, owing to a list of unique constraints (because everybody feels their problems are unique!

Team work is not just a corporate buzzword, the concept of help and exchange has been prevalent right from the time of barter. The pressure to get molded by societal norms is high, yet you need to trudge with extreme diligence to know the rules which are ridiculous enough for you.

(Game of Thrones fan alert: Lannisters are not the only ones who pay their debts! When you start noticing a pattern that peer acceptance is increasingly gaining more importance in your life decisions, it is a good time to step back and put things back in perspective.In a world which is changing so fast, it pays to grow better with change.The complex trio-of-emotions has roots in the time continuum, and the downsides of letting the past/future meddle with your present is one of the most recycled sagas in human history that should be avoided through discipline and acceptance. The collective human intelligence places high hopes on you!You can stop searching for self improvement tips and articles on blogs spread across the web.We’ve collated the best tips so you can focus your energy on executing them rather than hunting for them.It is easier said than done, but the reward seems to be worth it.You get to learn about a new culture, it makes your world smaller and not to mention your increased employability (okay, it might be the most important).It’s a long list that’ll also test whether you believe in tip number 29. While the term self-improvement has been associated with some sleazy and pushy literature of late, it is indeed a vital weapon that you should have in your arsenal to avoid obsolescence and being in-sync with the changing times.As you mature you tend to realize that learning is not restricted to the walls of academia after all.) The two are synchronous and often used interchangeably, but are vastly different when it comes down to viewing life with a slightly long-term perspective. Usually the most important thing that distinguishes the successful/unsuccessful or the dreamers/doers is the set of habits they follow.We overestimate the influence of willpower, it being a very finite resource.


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