Self Hatred Essay

Geraldine holds her dead, blue-eyed cat, and staring at Pecola in her tattered clothes and muddy shoes, calls her a "nasty little black bitch" and bans her from the house.

Both Geraldine's and Junior's shame and internalized racism cause them to be cruel to Pecola.

However, Junior's loneliness and shame at not being able to connect with his blackness leads him to eventually becoming cruel and disdainful towards the black children with whom he had wanted to play .

When Junior invites Pecola, a dark-skinned, abused, and low income black girl into his house, he throws the blue-eyed cat at her face and then proceeds to accidentally kill the cat, which he blames on Pecola when Geraldine returns home.

Geraldine, a light-skinned black woman, and her son, Junior, are part of an economically privileged class within black American society.

Geraldine's internalized racism and classism had caused her to hate fellow black people, particularly low income black people. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.Her classmate, Maureen Peal, is light-skinned and beloved.The black boys in their class not only admire Maureen but submit to her. The narrator tells the reader about how boys's eyes "genuflect" in Maureen's exalted presence.She considers herself to be superior to darker skinned black people and discourages...She considers herself to be superior to darker skinned black people and discourages Junior from interacting with black people who she considers to be below her and Junior.He takes his frustrated rage, which is rooted in the ways in which he has been dehumanized by white men, and turns it against black women because they are the only people without the power to harm him.shame and internalized racial self-hatred are motivating factors for several characters.For example, Geraldine is strictly motivated by her perception of the ugly side of blackness, an image that she and others around her have been shown all their lives.Junior internalizes his mother's lack of affection towards him by tormenting the cat.The cat represents black people who wish to assimilate into whiteness.


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