Security Analysis And Portfolio Management Research Paper

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Any losses in diversification benefits resulting from this theoretically suboptimal two-phase investment strategy are deemed an unavoidable cost of obtaining accurate forecasts through specialization in security analysis and portfolio management.

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m) BAE Systems 7.9 4.96% 2.5 11,003 BP 7.2 8.84% 1.6 77,353 British American Tobacco 15.4 4.2% 1.5 47,264 BT Group 7.6 4.89% 2.7 10,956 Diageo 14.8 3.47% 1.9 66,234 Glaxo Smith Kline 10.5 4.78% 2.0 66,234 HSBC 29.9 3.34% 1.0 116,479 Marks and Spencer 10.9 4.16% 2.2 5,705 Rolls Royce 14.7 2.56% 2.6 10,847 Unilever 16.1 2.31% 3.2 23,281 Required: (a) With relevant statistics, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Simon’s existing portfolio above (make reference to eps/dps growth; betas; price performance; and sector spread of the ten shareholdings). However, the questions of the right stock or security (in terms of value and profitability) to purchase and the management of the investment have always been impediment to extensive investment.

(35 marks) Simon’s stock portfolio has been constructed according to the established views of modern portfolio theory, which seeks “alpha” by selecting stock holdings in companies that will outperform the return of the general stock indices or interest rates over time. In order to overcome such impediments, financial experts or......0.2165 0.0756 0 0.21 0.04 0.5 0.2035 0.0172 1 0.07 0.0144 1.5 0.015 0.0016 Y-axis= expected returns X-axis= standard deviation Reference Campbell R.

Introduction | 04 | 1.1 Origin of the Report | 05 | 1.2 Objective of the Report | 05 | 1.3 Methodology of the Report | 05 | 1.4 Limitations | 06 | | | 2.

Company Overview | 07 | 2.1 Green Delta Insurance Company Limited | 08 | 2.2 Pioneer Insurance Company Limited | 08 | 2.3 Pragati Insurance Company Limited | 09 | 2.4 Meghna Life Insurance Comapany Limited | 10 | 2.5 Summit Power | 11 | 2.6 DESCO | 11 | 2.7 Power Grid | 12 | 2.8 GBB Power Limited | 13 | 2.9 BEXIMCO Limited | 13 | 2.10 Aramit Power Limited | 14 | | | 3.

Modern portfolio theory is based in the tenets of risk management, which analyze security investments according to “beta” or the volatility of stock pricing due to company specific business activities, market factors, macroeconomic changes, natural disasters, wars, etc.

Investors have different expectations, personal, and professional motivations in building their investments and with this also comes varying appetites or tolerances for risk. In addition to the shares discussed above Simon has ? Simon does not wish to transfer assets to his children as he would prefer to support any future grandchildren he has through their education. In every economy there are investors who buy stocks or securities from different organizations. Simon’s ten equity holdings are: Company PE Ratio Dividend Yield Dividend Cover Equity Market Capitalisation (? Securities or stocks are assets that have financial values (Kevin, 2006). Cheryl goes on to say that that a good portfolio needs to include exposure to overseas companies and smaller companies thus reducing the “beta” and improving the “alpha” of the portfolio. This may underestimate the true economic values of the assets. Portfolio selection: Efficient diversification of Investment. It has a strong share capital and market capitalization that enables it to adjust its business structure to the financial market (UDC, 2015).Cheryl also argued that it is vital to watch the “momentum” and have stop-losses on all the holdings in order to protect against primary downside movements. Customer Satisfaction and Stock Prices: High Returns, Low Risk. It also may over-estimate their true economic value because the assets can become obsolete. On the class of elliptical distributions and their application to theory of portfolio choice. It is currently developing an international real estate development project that enhances its position as a first-choice private sector...Louis is no longer working as a stock broker and Simon is now using the services of Cheryl who has strong views about Simon’s portfolio. INTRODUCTION The purpose of engaging in industry analysis is to determine how all economic factors come into play in favor of the selected industry. SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT By Download of the historical prices of two companies namely British American group and Microsoft Corporation. From Dec 2008-2013 Workings British American group Total MONTHLY expected returns = (sum H2: H73) = 1.64645E 11 Annualized expected returns=1.97574E 12 Monthly std dev=666136486.1 Annual STD deviation=666136486.1*sq12 =2307564477 Microsoft corporation Total monthly returns=89137726870 Total annual returns=89137726870*12 Monthly std dev =272097591.9 Annual std dev=942573707.5 CORREL1.2=-0.065274251 b.) on the excel C) Calculating w1 std ......Cheryl, a graduate in finance from York University, believes that markets are essentially efficient and admires the work of Harry Markowitz and Fama and French. Factors like sales, government, labor, competition, market, financial indices, management and the rest usually play significant roles in determining the level of success of the industry under investigation. Analysis of sectors The business operations in any country comprises of some sectors of industry: the industry could be transport, educational, service, manufacturing, health and safety, pharmaceutical fashion, trading, legal, food and so on....... United Development Company: SWOT Analysis United Development Company Established in July 1999, United Development Company (UDC) is leading private sector Shareholding Company in Qatar that contributes significantly to Qatar’s growth (UDC, 2015).Simon rents a flat in a seaside resort and does not wish to buy property. If you focus on the increasing trend of facebook shares it is extremely recommendable. Simon is not willing to take on any additional risk. Simon has two children from his short lived marriage to Susan who both have well paid jobs. This is because facebook has managed to have an increasing growth rate of its share market by selling one share at from the initial . Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Section A: Stock Analysis Introduction Investment has been a fundamental and a major concept within the global economy. She believes that the important thing is to have a good portfolio rather than good individual investments. while in December 2011 was only 40.9% and for the entire year it 87.3% Facebook Inc book value per share may not reflect its true value. This paper analyses the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that it undergoes in its business operations.Cheryl tells Simon that she doesn’t feel that he even has the best companies now even if they had been when the portfolio had been set up. The assets may be carried on the balance sheets at the original cost minus depreciation. Its strengths lie in its business structure and strategies in the Qatar environment.


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