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Next, data collection paragraph is presented, which is followed by extensive analysis.This is where one must use citing, when and if necessary.It is also where personal assumptions and discovered limitations are mentioned.

Different university professors in the United States may follow different dissertation structure outline, yet in majority of cases common structure consists of five sections like in general scientific paper, consisting of intro, detailed literature review, methodology, analysis of presented data, and conclusion paragraph.

Before we proceed with dissertation chapters, let us review several writing tips and things to check before starting!

Depending on topic variables, one should enclose detailed review of sources involved.

Note: One of the trickiest sections since it has to show research design, scientific relevance questions, provide setting for analysis, describe participants or objects of study.

It should be noted that there is no absolutely correct dissertation outline template that would fit every subject.

While Social Sciences, for example, may include 4-5 parts, an assigned committee may introduce changes, so it is always better to check twice in advance.As name suggests, dissertation chapter 2 has all implemented literature described, listed, investigated, and studied in depth.One has to provide conceptual and/or theoretical framework to justify use of provided materials.With such option, this section of dissertation has to make chosen methods obvious to audience. It is recommended to organize them either by research questions specified or hypotheses given.Remember that introduction has to speak of what has to be found, while conclusion is summary that explains whether it has been successful or not.What makes it different are provided samples and population statistics related to methodology. As you’ve finished to collect the data, it has to relate to chosen work methods.Moreover, it has to include instrumentation used for accurate collection of data. Choosing mixed approach, start with brief overview and strategy pattern. Analysis has to include both opinion and references to scientific journals.Final part has to provide more detailed findings summary.It differs from previous chapter in depth of personal analysis involved.Next comes problem statement that serves as general thesis idea.Following part should present study purpose and research questions that are significant for this specific work.


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