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These questions and a lot other arise when discussing the problems with our environment.Through my research paper on an artificial environment I hope to cover those problems that come about when arguing the facts about technology.

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It has brought a wonderful change in the field of agriculture.

Now we have various fertilizers and disinfectants that are essential for the crops and increases the gross productivity.

Lots and lots of million of poeple destroyed in this. Nowadays automobiles, vehicles makes our life comfortable in moving but at the same time, pollution destroys the ozone and creates major problem.

By considering this we say, to solve this kinds of problem alsoa new scientific advancement paves a new way. We can take many example like in olden days if we wanted to travel or when we had to visit any place or any message we had to conve it was taking a day, a month, sometime a year also but now a So let us believe that his wisdom will prevail and he would reason out for the well being of his kind on this planet.

We have radio,television,computer,fax machines as a mean of communication. Science has given us various sources of transportation.

Today we have airplanes, jets,aircrafts to go from one place to the other even beyond this earth like to the moon.

With it's help, human managed to possess dreadful weapons, which can exterminate...

bla bla bla 4) Try to use more sophisticated conjunctions.

What can we do to prevent the changes we are making in our environment from destroying the physical basis My paper consist of facts which tell us that we are and still will remain an invention of our own environment.

Our perception of the world is increasingly shaped by the artificial environment we inhabit.(Mander, 206) Man has made practically everything around us.


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