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Funding sources vary and federal loan programs will probably form the foundation of your assistance package, many states also offer financial aid funding.Additionally, there are specialized scholarships, traineeships, and loan programs available. They will be able to inform you about special loans and scholarships for which you may be eligible.Students finishing high school and looking forward to their college education face some daunting obstacles, not the least of which is finding the necessary funds to pay the ever increasing costs of tuition.

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And take the time to get rates from several providers.

: Grants are similar to scholarships, and availability is based on resources and financial need.

Resident students attending one of Pennsylvania's colleges or universities have access to a number of state supported financial aid programs.

These programs are designed to encourage and support students pursuing their post-secondary education within the state, and include grants, scholarships and loan forgiveness plans.

Remember — apply the resources for scholarships and grants before you accept loans. Numerous loans and grants guaranteed by the federal government are available to qualified students. State sources of financial assistance include an agency in each state that guarantees federal student loans.

Visit the website for Federal Student Aid sponsored by the U. Also, some states offer their own educational assistance programs with loans or grants. Magnify Money is a wonderful website that lets you compare and contrast student loan options.

The most notable financial aid programs currently being offered by the state of Pennsylvania include: These are only a few of the many programs put in place by the state of Pennsylvania to help their resident students achieve their higher educational goals.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency also provides information on financial aid programs targeting military service personnel and their dependents and the children of fallen law enforcement officers and emergency response workers.

Parents will also want to make use of PHEEA's extensive information on 529 savings plans and prepaid tuition programs that make it easy and profitable for parent's to begin saving for their child's college education.

For resident students in Pennsylvania the financial aid options are extensive and lucrative.


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