Rhetorical Analysis Essay In Cold Blood

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While dick is described as having a ple thora of tattoos which are crudely designed, Perry on the other hand is described as h aving fewer, but more elaborate and professionally done tattoos.

(3031) For exampl e Perry’s tattoos are described as being done by masters, ” Cookie the name of the nur se who had been friendly to him when he was hospitalized, was tattooed on his right biceps.

Capote uses flashbacks because they are able to add another level to characterization and make his characters more deep.

Also by deciding to do this, the reader is told the event of the killing early, but is still not understanding of why Perry and Dick would do suc h a crime.

When put into per spective, it is clear that the silver dollar symbolizes how senseless and unnecessary the c rime was to kill a whole family just so one could be crawling on the floor to steal a girls dollar coin.

Another symbol which is present in the story is Mexico.Thus by decid ing to rite ” In Cold Blood” in third person Capote is able to create an atmosphere where the story feels more like a novel and the character are well developed on many le vels.Another rhetorical strategy that Capote uses is flashbacks.This in turn leads to more complex characters and a greater understanding Of why th e killers in the story did what they did.An example of this is how Capote conveys Perry S mith as possibly having antisocial disorder.Capote says, “The local accent is barbed with a prairie twang, a ranch h and asalness, and the men, many of them, wear narrow frontier trousers, Stetso ns, and highheeled boots with pointed toes.” (pg 3) By using description in such great a detail, Capote is able to create a world for the reader which is very easy to assimilate into because Of the ease which one is able to picture the place being described.It symbolizes Dick and Perrys unrealistic hopes to achieve elegant life there when in reality theyre going to a place where opportunity is far more scarce than of that in the U. Once again this s hows how enseless their plans are and that they do not think before acting and instead display antisocial traits of impulsiveness.In addition another symbol which Capote br ings to light is Dick’s and Perry Smith’s tattoos.For example, when Perry states that he thinks there has to be something wrong with him and Dick in order to do such a heinous crime Dick immediately voices his opin ion that he believes he is normal.108) By doing this Capote is then able to add more dimension to his characters because their view on the world is more complet e and the reader feels he or she knows the character on a personal basis.


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