Resume Personal Statement Writing

It is important that you keep this section relevant by identifying the desired skills and attributes outlined in the job description, and by ensuring that the skills highlighted in your personal statement mirror them.

So what should this heading or opening paragraph include?

In addition it should entice the reader to want to know more and go on to read the rest of your cv or application form.

Some sample words; Approachable, Analysed, Caring, Challenging, Creative, Diplomatic, Experienced, Flexible, Helpful, Influential, Inspiring, Motivated, Organised, Professional.

Some sample skills; Effective listener, Good at motivating others, Training, Writing, Public Speaking, Completing Forms, Cooking, Innovative thinker.

There is no definitive answer providing the information is relevant and interesting, however generally a profile will consist of between 30 – 60 words.

No more than a few short sentences around 5 lines long.

Example Profiles A responsible, intelligent and experienced retail professional with an extensive background in fashion and children’s wear both in large departments and small boutiques.

Highly creative, adaptable and bright individual with an excellent eye for visual detail and design.

The hiring manager needs to know that your ambitions are relevant to the opportunity and that you would, therefore, be driven and likely to succeed.

“Looking to this season, Steph is relishing in the opportunity to drive forward the success of Manchester City Women as they look forward to the FA WSL Spring Series.” You should now know how to structure your personal statement, and what to include in each section.


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