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A company establishing the culture and values of the office is a way of keeping the company uniformed – everyone working toward the same goal.

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Many companies deal with change by informing employees as the change occurs.

While other companies do not provide information until the day of the change.

Without change a company cannot grow or compete with the competition.

A leader must consider options and alternatives that will benefit the company and it’s employees.

I have used a conceptual model for organizational change as a main theoretical framework to analyse the process of merger between Å and Berge schools.

The conceptual model enables to look at the change process as a whole.There are positive as well as negative results from different styles of leadership when dealing with change in the workplace.A good leader possesses the skills to conform to their employees.A total of seven individual interviews were conducted with the actors that have been directly involved in the merger process from its initiation and up until the end of the project.The majority of respondents were members of the steering group and practically led the merger, giving them good awareness of the process.Management and leaders also need to take the employee’s values into effect when promoting change.If a leader is aware of the resistance that may occur with an employee, they can adjust their own behavior to reflect positively.Experienced dissertation writing service Dissertation Team - with writers for US, UK and Canada. Get your thesis written with Thesis - professional Ph D writers for hire.Scholarship essay writing service Writing a dissertation is one of the requirements that will be required of you before you can be awarded an undergraduate degree, Masters or even a postgraduate degree.This master thesis is a qualitative case study research aimed at assessing and interpreting the process of merger between two public organizations, located within the Norwegian educational sector.The focus of the thesis is to study the process of merger by analysing the key aspects that could, most likely, affect the process flow and outcomes.


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