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These things together with lack of enough exercises and poor nutritional habits can increase the risk of heart disease.The increase is even higher id other risk factors that come with age such as diabetes are also present.

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The heart needs to work harder to pump blood at a pressure that will pump blood through the hard vessels to reach all the body parts.

Fatty deposits (plaques) also collect on artery walls with age to slow down the flow of blood from the heart.

The natural hormone which is in higher levels among young women could be playing a protective role in protecting the women from heart attacks.

Unfortunate for men, their gender is a risk score, and it could be the reason why they get attacks at a younger age than women.

On a behavioral level, women are likely to share their situation or create time for self-care such as taking a long warm bath or reading.

These reactions to difficult circumstances help to relieve stress.

The risk of having a heart disease for women becomes as much likely as that of men when they reach menopause.

At this age, they are more likely to die from cardiac complications than the men.

Approximately four out five of those who die due to heart disease are at the age of 65 or older.

The risk for men b to develop CVDs is higher than women’s and begins earlier by nearly ten years.


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