Reduce Waste Essay

By simply fixing an object that is broken is so much better for the planet than buying a new product.Another way to reduce waste is to cancel any unnecessary mail. Adults and children need to be better educated on how and what items can be recycled.A rule to follow is, buy only the food you and your family plan to eat.

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The typical items that can be picked up curbside are paper products, cartons, empty glass bottles, plastics, and aluminum and steel cans.

Have you ever wondered where recycled materials go after being picked up at the curb and how they are processed?

Did you ever wonder how recycled materials were processed and where they go after being picked up?

More importantly, what products are made from recycled materials?

After de-inking, the paper is mixed with water and solvents in a giant blender called a "pulper." The product is then called a pulp slurry.

The pulp slurry is then moved to a giant washing machine that spins at a high speed removing any unwanted particles.Next, switch to cloth bags instead of plastic bags.Another huge problem, is the waste of food in America.So, how can you reduce the amount of waste at your home, work, or school?A way to reduce garbage, for example, is to wipe clean aluminum foil and to reuse as many times as possible.And last but not least, stop using disposable plates and buying plastic water bottles! We all need to look around and ask ourselves what we can do to help the environment and make the world a better place to live. The 2014 theme of this year’s Zero Waste Week was ‘one more thing’, highlighting how simple it can be for individuals to make small changes to their daily routines in order to reduce their impact on the environment by minimising landfill waste.After washing, the clean pulp continues on to a press and is wound on giant rolls. First, some paper can be recycled into insulation for homes and even toilet paper.Second, recycled metal is often recycled into file cabinets, tin foil, and even bridges.This essay, by Grant B., a sixth grade Covington student, won our 2018 essay contest. Have you ever wondered what materials make up our garbage and what materials can be recycled? Do you know how much waste is produced in the world each year?


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