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We all like to be inspired and sometimes motivational field hockey quotes can be just the thing we need, so I have put together a list of my favourite quotes which have helped me and also some which I know have inspired others. it’s only a short term solution so you need to be inspire yourself everyday.

This is my personal favourite which I have used most as a striker, it comes from one of the best ice hockey players ever, Wayne Gretzy.

Instead you should use your size to your advantage, smaller players tend to be more agile and bigger players are normally stronger or have greater reach. Get the 8 Steps To Reach The Next Level in Hockey FREE training and the latest hockey tips by signing up below Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.

AUTHORS by last name: A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z Motivational - Love - Funny - Friendship - Life - Family - Authors - Topics Hockey's the only place where a guy can go nowadays and watch two white guys fight.

A hockey stick and a ball is all that one needs to play hockey.

It is not a costly game so even the poor students can play hockey.It basically means that if you are worried about not scoring, it is better to take the shot and miss because you won’t score if you don’t take the shot anyway.Stop thinking that you don’t have enough talent and start working on improving until you are good enough.Our country has been the world champion in this game for a number of years.Even now India is one of the world’s strongest hockey teams.This game is played so fast that all the players keep on running all the time. Some sports critics feel that the standard of Indian hockey is on the wane.This game calls for a high standard of physical fitness, mental alertness and team spirit. As early as in 1928, India had become the world champion in hockey by winning the gold medal in the Amsterdam Olympic Games.The Indian Hockey team was so badly mauled in the Montreal Olympics that it was relegated to the seventh position.Indian hockey was able to regain its lost position by winning a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.By constant practice, players can achieve a high degree of mobility and maneuverability and become experts in this game. India lost the gold medal in hockey for the first time in the Rome Olympics.It was still one of the first three teams in hockey.


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