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Those for or against abortion have to find ways of accommodating the views of each other regarding the issue.

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According to Koster abortion is only a temporary and irrational decision that make women feel that they have gotten some relief to an unwanted child against chances of permanent loss of infertility (Koster 304).

She further argues that although removing an unwanted pregnancy may somehow offer relief to the woman the possibility of becoming infertile especially if an unqualified person performed the operation is very significant and once you lose your fertility there is zero chance that you will regain it.

For a very long time now the issue of abortion has been one of the most controversial and problems on the planet pitying two major sides.

On one side pro-lifers insist that it is immoral and amounts to murdering an innocent child while pro-abortionists argue that is just a form of birth control and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it as all children should be born when they are wanted.

The numerous legislations, policies by governments and even hard-line stands by some organizations like the church have over time made this subject more controversial instead of offering solutions, and at one point one may argue that there would never be a consensus on the abortion issue.

The debate on abortion is likely to go on for several years unless the sturdy stands taken by both pro-lifers and anti-abortionists are softened.For the case of rape, the emotional effects of the occurrence are too traumatizing and take time to heal, and some rape victims do not recover at all.Adding a child to the rape victim is like adding more salt to a wound and would be a constant reminder that is likely to add more emotional trauma to the victim (Khoster 35).Several disadvantages of abortion are argued out by pro-lifers.Most of the books on the subject are mostly in support of the drawbacks of abortion as compared to the advantages.In fact, in most of the times, this feeling of relief is just a deliberate attempt by the psychology of a person to delete the sense of guilt and shame that creeps in immediately one procures an abortion (Holman 321).Holman further adds that although most of the legislation and policies concerning abortion allow the practice in the case of schoolgirls the idea that you once killed part of you is not likely to go away and will haunt you forever.Fro this he further adds that since the fetus of a person has life, then taking it away will amount to killing it, which is the same as murder.Of course from this reason arguments are bound to arise as to when the life of a person actually begins.In this case, abortion ought to be permitted to save the physical health of the mother although some of those advocating for abortion have often argued that the mental health of the mother ought to be included when talking about health (white & Baldwin 113).At this point, the life of the mother is given first consideration as the fetus cannot survive without the mother, and in any case, the chances are that the mother can always get other children if she wants, but there is no way a fetus can survive on its leave alone getting other parents which is impossible.


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