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Rather, the point of the search is to find a path, so the agent must remember where it has been.

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If you can think of the task you want your agent to perform in these terms, then you will need to write a problem solving agent which uses search.

It is important to identify the scope of your task in terms of the problems which will need to be solved.

For example, in chess, an operator takes one arrangement of pieces on the board to another arrangement by the action of the agent moving a piece.

It is essential when designing a problem solving agent to know when the problem has been solved, i.e., to have a well defined goal test.

As your search agent becomes more sophisticated, you may give it more information to produce better routes.

For example, the population of a town may affect the volume of traffic, which will affect the time taken to drive through the town.If you are hired as an AI researcher/programmer, you will be expected to come armed with a battery of AI techniques, many of which we cover later in the course.However, perhaps the most important skill you will bring to the job is to effectively seek out the best way of turning some vague specifications into concrete problems requiring AI techniques.In our agent terminology, a problem to be solved is a specific task where the agent starts with the environment in a given state and acts upon the environment until the altered state has some pre-determined quality.The set of states which are possible via some sequence of actions the agent takes is called the search space.In chess, on the other hand, the goal is to reach a checkmate.While there are only a finite number of ways in which the pieces on a board can represent a checkmate, the number of these is huge, so checking a position against them is a bad idea.For instance, there are some tasks which are single problems solved by searching, e.g., find a route on a map.Alternatively, there are tasks such as winning at chess, which have to be broken down into sub-problems (searching for the best move at each stage).Specifying those problems in the most effective way will be vital if you want your AI agent to find the solutions in a reasonable time.In this lecture, we look at how to specify a search problem.


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