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And remember, your audience will view your conference presentation from a distance, so use large clear fonts and as Just like when you’re in the audience at a conference, researchers are there to learn about your new and exciting research, not to hear a summary of old work.

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While slides with different colours may look nice, they may be distracting to your audience.

Use a consistent template with the same fonts to make it easier for your audience to follow along.

The more times you say the words aloud, the more you will be familiar with it.

And if you are familiar with what you’re saying, your confidence in your conference presentation will increase.

When I first presented at a conference, I ended up with 40 slides for a 15-minute presentation.

I was lucky enough to be working with some more experienced researchers that reeled in my confusing and inconsistent slides. I simply sketched it out, slide by slide and got back into a flow, but this time it was in a much more controlled manner.

Rehearse your paper aloud in private and in front of a friend.

This can feel a bit embarrassing, but reading it through in your head never corresponds to the time it takes to read it aloud in public.

Conference session rooms can get stuffy, so if you’re someone who sweats when they’re nervous, choose clothing that won’t show it.

And don’t wear something that’s awkward and restrictive, even if you think it will project a confident image.


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