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A majority of the time, these comments and debates are mostly in jest.

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Since Trinity contains so many students, some students are instantly given more value as an intellectual since they partake in courses that are perceived as more difficult. Due to how Duke students weigh the relevance and importance of our academic pursuits, the Trinity and Pratt feud really comes down to a rivalry between the humanities/social sciences against STEM.

Pre-med students get a free pass on any judgement, any science or math majors are free of ridicule, and those computer science kids are always working (don’t even get me started on the finance students). We live in society where science and technology industries are expanding rapidly, increasing the demand for educated people in these fields.

It is in these times that I feel the need to write this column.

Even though we all love to joke around and make sardonic comments about the untouchable status of STEM students or their set-in-stone career paths, I think these jokes are deeply rooted into something toxic: that being, an actual sense of academic classism —a systematic and rigid societal structure placing certain individuals higher on a perceived intellectual level than others.

You have your mechanical engineers, your civil engineers, your biomedical engineers, and more.

These are the students overloading in all the math classes, sciences, constantly in labs, and building things in class (not to say Trinity kids workload?Instead, listen to one another as they share their perspectives.From here, we can learn more about each other’s strengths and weakness so we can see each other as the intelligent people we are.It’s consistently held the top position for graduate outcomes according to the Wall Street Journal and always does well in the rankings. City: Durham, North Carolina (NC)City population: 267,743, with a metropolitan population of 542,710Region: South Climate: Humid subtropical type: winters are cool (Jan avg: -2.3°C/27.8°F) with minimal snow; summers are hot and humid (Jul avg high: 31.4°C/88.6°F)Nearest airport: Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)Time zone: EST from November-March (GMT -5); EDT from March to November (GMT-4)University enrollment: 16,376Active alumni: 171,647International students: 3369Countries represented: 50 Most represented countries in engineering: China, India, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan Full-time graduate students: 8091Engineering grad students: 1402Engineering masters students: 707Duke University Pratt School of Engineering offers master’s engineering students pursuing select fields a choice between Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees.In addition to sitting in 24th position on the highly respected U. News & World Report engineering grad school ranking list, individual departments also find themselves highly regarded.It is essential to be proud of your specific skill set and your accomplishments.Don’t diminish, or let others diminish, the value of all the work that you’ve completed so far.These include your physics majors, your political science majors, your public policy majors, your English majors, you name it., “Pratt stars” even, a smaller subset of students but is nonetheless just as diverse as the students studying in Trinity.President, Modern Language Association, 2003; Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, 2000 – 2001; Investigadora Visitante, Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores de Antropología Social, Guadalajara, Méxcio, 1998-1999; Honorable Mention, James Russell Lowell Prize, Modern Language Association, 1993; Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Stanford University, 1992. You’ve probably read columns about it before, and you’ve most likely run into the debate at least one time while being at Duke: which students are “smarter”?


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