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Our experts will guide you with problems concerned with static electricity, electromagnetism, etc. Heat or thermal energy is the energy of an object due to its motion (kinetic energy).

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Physics is a bundle of theoretical and practical topics.- Electrical physics deals with the movement of electrical charges.This topic focuses on the flow of electricity (stationary or moving).Colleges and universities in the USA or Australia have developed interesting classrooms, practical rooms and hired experienced professors to make the subject as appealing as possible.With the new technologies picking up the pace, physics is also getting more exciting and noteworthy.There theories and work are used in all fields of physics and related subjects.Theories like the law of gravitation, relativity theory, laws of motion, etc.NASA’s Apollo program itself is an epitome of science, where great physicist and space scientists came together on a mission merely by the laws of physics practiced since ages.So, physics is not only an essential but intricate subject which has the following advantages : Physics students are in high demand in the industry.Physics has a substantial impact in many fields of science.We have witnessed the use of physics in many walks of life, right from a simple radio to a spacecraft.


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