Persuasive Essay On Why Fast Food Is Bad

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All around the world we have witnessed the rise and detrimental results of what fast food can cause.

On a daily basis there are organizations consistently combating with fast food restaurants due to their products and inhumane (some will say) methods should not be available for consumption at all.

If you want to argue the facts of how damaging fast food is to the consumers, the best place to start is pointing out that most of the products are not even real food ingredients.

The reason why food items at fast food restaurants are extremely cheap is because they are GMO (genetically modified organisms).

Even though food choices other than fast food are an appropriate move, they are not the best option. [Statement of my solution] The best way to avoid fast food is homemade food which can be customizable according to one’s nutritional status. [Explain the solution] There are only a few things to consider while switching to homemade foods. First, make a plan of getting foods needed for a week ahead and make a list. “Fast-Food Habits, Weight Gain, and Insulin Resistance (the CARDIA Study): 15-Year Prospective Analysis.” The Lancet, vol.

You can visit a grocery store and get convenience foods including fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain bread, cereals, milk, eggs, juices, yogurt etc. Second, purchase an insulated lunch sack which has enough space to carry your food. Finally, prepare a healthy meal of your choice taking into account the nutritional value of each food and toss it in the bag.

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