Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits

Persuasive Essay On Speed Limits-54
Reviewing of the maximum and minimum speed limits backed up with effective traffic law enforcement as well as public awareness on the importance of adhering to the limits can go a long way in ensuring that the fatal accidents are no longer frequent in our roads.Therefore, law enforcers and learning institutions should direct more efforts in trying to change people’s attitudes and culture on speeding and traffic laws in general.

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If the speeding behavior could be discouraged among the people, we would have drivers that are more responsible in our roads which can stick within the speed limits.

However, it is not that easy for a community that is used to speeding without considering the ill effects to change.

Speeding has been said to help save fuel as well as time lost in slow speeding.

However, my opinion is that it will not save anything worth the lives that could be lost in accidents.

If enforcement could be coupled with community support, then this will bring down the casualty rates tremendously.

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Speed limits can also be restructured in some roads to make them more reasonable by reducing the maximum speed as well as raising the minimum speed.

More sophisticated gadgets such as the automated speed cameras that have quick number plate readers have proved to be more helpful when it comes to dealing with speeding.

Following the events of that year, the federal instituted established a speed limit of 55 miles per hour.

States were required to implement this speed limit by 1988 or lose federal transportation funding (National motorist association, 1999).


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