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The philosophy of the constructivist theory was originally proposed by von Helmholtz (cited in Sternberg, 2006) at the end of the nineteenth century and empiricism it is a classic theory based around the context that people perceive things and goes further than merely directly registering sensations and other experience and stimulation have an impact on perception (Gordon, 2004; Sternberg, 2006).

Perception can be understood as a rational cognitive process (Richeimer, 2006).

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The most influential and observed evidence is from Gregory and this will be discussed at a latter point.

Constructivism has been critiqued by Shiffman (2001) saying that the theory has failed to advanced influentially, however the consequent evidence outlined will suggest to the contrary In experiments by Sanford (1936 cited in Gordon, 2004), groups of children were asked to write down what they had seen after a series of ambiguous pictures where shown.


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