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The owner of the patent has to get approval from every inventor listed.If this happens a long time after the invention, several of these employees might work for different companies now.

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That's because a person has three months to file an assignment. The owner must file an assignment and wait three months to see if anyone else files an assignment.

Assuming they don't, the assignment becomes valid. It prevents infringement claims or questions of ownership.

An attorney can defeat a patent by proving an incorrect listing of the inventors. The other issue is that an inventor could exclude people from the listing who deserve inventor status. The owner of a company might expect an inventor listing for anything his employees create. Some leaders are so generous that they credit a lot of employees as inventors, even if these workers added little to the project.

Problems arise when someone buys the company or acquires rights to the patent.

An investigator must contact each of them to get approval.

If a single person refuses, an affadavit could negate the entire patent.As we discussed in the first post in this series, patent owners enjoy important legal and commercial benefits: They have the right to exclude others from making, selling, using or importing the claimed invention, and to claim damages from anyone who infringes their patent.However, a business entity can own a patent only if the inventors have assigned the patent rights to the business entity.However, it doesn't check to make sure that the new information is correct. Different people can acquire different rights to a patent.One person could have the patent assignment, but a prior owner could keep a license to use the technology for free.An interested party could only look at these documents at the USPTO. The best practice is for the owner of a patent to show all current and previous assignments. If the current owner lacks this information, they should contact previous owners.This is a chain of title that starts with the inventor. Most assignments come from the patent attorneys of startups.So if your employees are creating valuable IP on behalf of your company, it’s important to get the patent assignment right, to ensure that your business is the patent owner.In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what a patent assignment even is — and the best practices for approaching the process.It's important because this right gives someone the ability to sue for past damages.Inventors don't have to worry about the right to causes of action since prior infringement is impossible. Interested parties should also check assignments to see if any security interests exist.


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