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These included extraordinary efforts to link the city’s welfare to the Games, leaving a meaningful and lasting legacy, and a determination to view the Olympic spirit broadly, not only through excellence in sports but in daily lives, in schools, and through culture and art.Young leaders were inspired by Olympians who participated and by the message and example of Lord Bates, business leader, sportsman, and politician, who is a determined witness to the idea that the ancient Olympic Truce has meaning for our time. It came at a moment when the decision on where to hold the 2020 Summer Olympic Games was in the offing.

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Sport Fest is a sports fair, but also much more than that.

It is an event that aims to combine the passion for sports with healthy lifestyle.

The fourth annual Sports Values Summit held in Cape Town November 1-3, 2015 marked an important stage on a special journey, a unique effort to explore the inspiration and lessons that sports offers for the global challenges of peace and development. The inspiration for the Summit series came as the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games approached. Handa, as sponsor and mentor of wide-ranging activities, saw the potential to draw tangible lessons from the ways in which sporting leaders and heroes wrestle with fundamental issues around values.

The ancient Olympic values: friendship, respect and excellence–along with the Paralympic values: determination, inspiration, courage, and equality, resonated with the philanthropic work of Dr. Many challenges facing the world of sports echo for international peace and development.

Highlighting these often unlikely links could potentially fire a broader public.

Lord Moynihan (who was leading the London Olympics) and I saw an opportunity to engage young people who combined a passion for sports and for development, and especially to build on their energies, reaching people in unexpected ways (the Handa spirit).

This newfangled knowledge that I can beat all this world has to throw at me engineered a mental toughness within me and ignited a burning ambition for fearlessly tackling hardships encountered on a daily basis.

The laps that I run around the track are not just a form of aerobic exercise; they are my therapy.

A series of summits could underscore powerful messages that link sports with work for peace and development. Handa committed several organizations that he has founded (notably Worldwide Support for Development (WSD) and the International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS) to a continuing effort through annual summits linked to global sporting events.

The first Summit, in London in 2012, focused on the significance and lessons of the London Olympic Games.


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