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Other economic effects of overpopulation include those caused by crop destruction, as seen with the overpopulation of rabbits in Australia.

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Poison, hunting, a rabbit-proof gate, and the introduction of predators (e.g., ferrets and cats) were some methods used in an attempt to control the rabbit population.

However, after these methods failed, scientists released the myxoma virus into the rabbit population.

Typically, such effects result in the cycling between periods of population growth and periods of population decline until it can reach homeostasis within a particular ecological niche.

Some examples of naturally regulated population growth are rodents, rabbits, and various insect populations (e.g., army worms and locusts).

It is estimated that the overpopulation of zebra mussels has cost approximately $5 billion USD since their introduction.

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The image below illustrates an infestation of zebra mussels on a North American lock due to the overpopulation of zebra mussels in the North American waterways.Another effect of the overpopulation of one species, is the increased population growth of the natural predators of such species.This effect is generally considered to be positive, as the predator population serves to control the overpopulated prey species.Overpopulation refers to a population which exceeds its sustainable size within a particular environment or habitat.Overpopulation results from an increased birth rate, decreased death rate, the immigration to a new ecological niche with fewer predators, or the sudden decline in available resources.In situations of overpopulation caused by the introduction of a foreign species for which they have no natural predators, they can become an invasive species.An example is the inadvertent introduction of zebra mussels to the North American water systems.Myxoma virus is a rabbit-specific virus that successfully reduced the rabbit population by approximately 500 million.The overpopulation of a species can result from a variety of factors. Increased population growth due to an increased both rate and decreased mortality rate and the absence of predators can all cause a species to become overpopulated. Both the introduction of zebra mussels and rabbits to Australia resulted in invasive species that had catastrophic consequences on the local economy and ecosystem.In general, overpopulation results in an ecological disruption as resources are depleted.This disruption can lead to the decline of other populations which compete for the same resources.


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