Ordinary People By Judith Guest Essay

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She wants to control what she did not before in hopes in keep a sense of normality with security.

She takes her authoritarian parenting style to an extreme as seen in the dining room scene.

Buck admits to his mother that he was in fact drinking and Beth simply responds with a laugh.

When Beth and Calvin are talking about vacation, Beth refers to them going to where Buck wanted to go.

Trying to satisfy his feelings and making things look good for his mother is slowly suffocation him, when Con talks to Berger about his dream he comes to a very important conclusion, Conrad doesn't want to swim anymore but he doesn't want to quit because it will look bad. Can't you see how stupid that would look"' `Forget how it looks.

How does it feel"'"(p79) This is the first instance where Conrad begins to see that feeling good if more important that looking good and this is his first step on the road to recovery.Stillman, being the ass hole that he is, provokes Conrad and totally pisses him off, instead of fighting back the emotion and struggling to make things look good Conrad allows himself to feel anger, disregarding what others think he attacks Stillman.This is one of the few times that Conrad allows himself to feel emotion and it is important for his recover because he needs to learn that it isn't bad to feel the way he did or even act on it.When Conrad realizes that making everything look good isn't the most important thing he allows himself to look bad in order to feel good, an example of this is the fight with Stillman.Conrad allows himself to look bad in order to feel good. Present-tense, stream-of-consciousness, flashbacks, and third-person narrative: comment on some of the literary techniques in the novel. What effect does the writing style have on the reader? Given the fact that most parents do not lose a teenage son to death, and most parents do not have to deal with suicidal teenage sons, can the Jarrett family still be called "ordinary"? Ordinary People relies on a plot heavily influenced by chance or fate. The first important step on Conrad's recover is his tunnel dream and when he consults Berger about it.Conrad dreams that he is trapped in a tunnel and he is suffocating with the walls closing in on him, this reflects his current life, he is trapped in a paradox where he tries to feel good yet control everything and make it look good.The Authoritarian, the Permissive and the Authoritative Ordinary People Parents are perhaps the greatest influences in a person life.They mentor us, shape us and model us into the type of people they would be proud of.


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