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The Norwegian government, for example, wants all publicly funded research to be freely available by 2024.

In February, the University of California announced that they will terminate subscriptions with Elsevier.

Deputy vice-chancellor of research at Ui T - the Arctic University of Norway, Kenneth Ruud, says that they support the decision.

Under the agreement, scientists in the 46 Norwegian universities and research institutes represented by the consortium will have access to 2,800 Elsevier journals.

It will also allow 1,850 articles authored by those academics to be immediately free to read on publication in Elsevier titles.

In 2016, Elsevier made a smaller read-and-publish deal with a library consortium that represents all Dutch research universities.

The agreement allows 30% of these academics’ output to be immediately made freely available.

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The consortium paid €9 million (US million) to Elsevier in subscription costs in 2018, plus an estimated €1 million in open-access publishing fees.

Several other big publishers, including Wiley, have begun brokering read-and-publish deals in recent years, as many in the academic community and governments have pushed to make more scholarly articles free to read.


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