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With no #blogsync over the summer, I’ve not written anything ‘classroom-y’ for a while.So I thought I’d share this tip while awaiting the September blogync topic.One of the problems of my first year in teaching was getting students to do homework.

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For example, three forms for off-task behavior could result in parent contact.

Receiving a form for not completing a homework assignment could mean that 5 points will be taken off the weekly participation grade. Distribute the form Any time a student fails to meet a classroom expectation, hand him or her a Student Responsibility Form.

Usually when a parent wants to talk to me about their child's work, I whip out my binder, and there.....

in their child's own handwriting is the continuous confessions as to why they did not do their homework. This binder has been so easy to keep up with, its been amazing and best of all I have the documentation for the whole year in one spot.

That way I could quickly glance around the room and quickly see who did and did not have their homework out.

Anyone without their brightly colourer paper had a ‘homework excuse note’ dropped on their desk. At an appropriate time during the lesson, I would then go around and collect a piece of paper from .

Not following the set expectations means receiving a notification, just like students would receive when they have a job.

It’s important that students understand that the teacher will show forms to their parents and administration, if necessary. Decide on consequences Decide and explain how students will be penalized as they accumulate Student Responsibility Forms.

Even if students didn’t have a reason, I would ask them to write “There is no reason” and then take that from them.

If a child managed to get their homework to me before the end of the day (most usually after lunch) I would let them fish their excuse note out of my file [I had a box file for each class where I kept the homeworks] and then replace it with their work. Before going home, I checked through the homeworks and marked in my gradebook who had not done it and then sorted out consequences accordingly (as you’ll see on the slips, I used ‘credits’ and detentions).


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