My Reading Experience Essay

Some philosophers quote a lot in an attempt to show that one interpretation of a text is superior to an alternative interpretation, while yet other philosophers attempt to prove a point in a way where quotations and footnotes are merely to notice that others have said something about the topic.

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What follows is a top 10 list of the things I wish I had known when I started reading philosophy.

(1) There is no such thing as reading without qualification.

But some philosophers work near the intersection of philosophy and literary criticism, where the phrase “I argue that …” simply means “I believe that …” and where few inferences may be offered.

Other philosophers work near the intersection of philosophy and physics, where sentences such as “∀n (Q(n) P(n))” might occur.

Instead there is reading as a philosopher, historian, cartographer, journalist, and so on.

Even within a discipline there is no single way to read.Yet it seeks truth without assuming doctrinal foundations or the use of the scientific method; Philosophy tries to achieve an end without using either of the centuries old means thought appropriate for the task.What’s worse, more often than not the attempt fails.In addition to differences in types of philosophical writing, there are differences in the goals one might have when reading philosophy.Which goals one has influences how one should read.It is strange, in part, because the subject matter of philosophy is immaterial.This shouldn’t suggest that facts don’t matter in philosophy. ” are not answered by plumbing the depths of empirical or even social objects.This strangeness confirms for me that philosophy is centrally about gaining wisdom and not truth, although one shouldn’t turn one’s nose up at a truth if one is found.The strangeness of philosophy has implications for the reader of philosophy.Even more amazing is that the type of thoughts I offered as answers, while ramshackle, were the same type of answers philosophers provide. While accurate basic information distillation is necessary for a meaningful philosophy reading experience, it is woefully insufficient.In my first philosophy course, I read every assignment slowly with a dictionary and thesaurus at my side.


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