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Proposals for research efforts funded by the Maritime Security Center (MSC) must include the following components, as outlined below. Travel is limited to project personnel and students receiving support under this project. Do NOT include sub-contractor or consultant travel in this section. Budget should include travel, meals and lodging for the PI for up to two nights. Provide a description of services, scope of work, and consultant credentials ion Budget Justification. Sub-awards Attach a separate detailed budget form for sub-awards to be issued to another institution.

Proposals that do not adhere to instructions, are incomplete or exceed page limits and will NOT be reviewed. Research Proposal Submission Form - including abstract Part II. Available Resources, Facilities, and Leveraged Funding If applicable, describe any resources, facilities, or funding that will be leveraged to support this research effort. Transition Potential Describe any technology transfer applications, if applicable, and strategies for commercialization of new technologies. Funding for up to one Co-PI or student may also be included for this meeting. Up to one additional professional meeting related to the homeland security enterprise will be funded for PI, investigator or student. If not identified on budget form, describe the types of supplies on in Budget Justification 2. Rational including description of services and scope of work should be included in Budget Justification. Other Direct Costs If not identified on budget spreadsheet, include a description in Budget Justification. Indirect Costs If applicable, provide a copy of the latest rate agreement negotiated with a cognizant Federal agency in the appendices section (IDC rate).

The flexible nature of the programme allows you to study at Masters level but in a manner tailored to your own interests.

Although you may choose to audit classes, you do not normally attend taught courses but work individually with your supervisor using library resources.

In addition you will audit the Research Skills and Methods course during the first semester and Research Problems and Methods in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies course during the second semester.

Your supervisor and the Programme Director will discuss your programme with you individually and agree on a programme of study.Narrative –7 page limit (12-point Times New Roman; single spaced, 1” margins) Part III. Additional guidance in completing the 2018 Proposed Budget spreadsheet: A. Identify project director/principal investigator (PI), investigators, students and staff. Budget justification must include personnel name, title, percent of effort and relevant impact on the project. Do NOT include consultants or contracted services in this section. Travel justification should include destination and purpose of trip. “academic meeting,” if specific event has not been identified at this time. Budget justification should include a description of the equipment and plan for use on the project. Equipment having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost which exceeds the lesser of (a) the capitalization level established by the organization financial statement purposes, or (b) ,000) requires prior DHS approval. Generally, computers and other devices are not allowable equipment. (Not required for Stevens Institute of Technology proposals.Literature review – 3 page limit, single spaced (supporting and competing methods) Part IV. Appendices - Budget justification, PI and Co-PI bio-sketches, Rate agreement, Facilities and Equipment *Please submit Parts I-III as a single Word document. Describe specifically how you will utilize the expertise of a potential end user(s) in the course of the research, e.g. Briefly highlight background and accomplishments of Principal Investigator (PI) and other key personnel which relates to this proposed project. Generally, attendance at one professional meeting will be approved. Foreign travel may be considered, however MSC and DHS requires pre-approval by the Department of Homeland Security at least 60 days prior to departure. The IDC rate for Stevens projects is 53%.) Reminder: The total 2018 direct, indirect and totals on Budget spreadsheet should match amounts entered on Research Submission Proposal Form “Proposed Project Budget” (#5). Funding will be given to projects with high potential for research transition to end users and established partnerships in the maritime domain are also highly desirable.A two-part review process will be conducted to include a scientific merit review and a relevance to DHS mission review.The scientific merit review will be conducted according to the following criteria: .In addition you will take the Research Skills and Methods course (20 credits) during the first semester and Research Problems and Methods in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies course (20 credits) during the second semester.Pathway II: You submit a single 30,000 word dissertation, to be submitted in mid August.You are not expected to have any prior Middle Eastern language competence however the opportunity of taking Arabic, Persian or Turkish is available.For admission to the programme, the Department normally requires an undergraduate honours degree of UK 2:1 class or better (or its international equivalent) and a short research proposal and indicative bibliography (c. Non-native speakers of English must attain a 7.0 overall in the Degree: Pathway I: You submit two written assignments (each approximately 6.000 words) over the two teaching semesters, and proceed to work on a 15,000 word dissertation in the second half of the year to be submitted in mid August.As a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, MSC is specifically funding research for the purpose of improving the safety, security, and resilience of the maritime domain with the expressed outcome of improving the Nation’s homeland security.Proposals must document the problem to be addressed, what knowledge gaps exist, and define why having new knowledge will enable us to better secure the maritime domain.


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