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Don't agonise over whether it will make a great topic, just jot it down.You will find that you quickly have a plethora of material to choose from.

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Stephen Sweeney, Director of Full-time MBA Recruiting and Admissions at Mc Combs School of Business (US), says: What are the program’s format, curriculum, career trip opportunities, and admissions requirements?

What do alumni say about their experience and how have they managed to develop professionally after graduation?

The other side of this is the ability to demonstrate that you can really benefit from the MBA degree.

If you know everything already, an admissions committee may wonder why you want to return to school. Even the most meticulous writers benefit from a second or third set of eyes.

4 Before you actually write the essays, take the final step of mapping out the general topics you will cover in each essay.

As you map a topic to a question, check it off on a master list of stories you want to cover.You may require six weeks, or you may even want 12. They can sit at the computer for hours, unable to generate that “perfect” essay, rewriting so furiously that they don't get past the first few sentences. 7 It is essential that you research your target schools and understand how to appeal to each of them. There are certain qualities that all business schools want to see in a successful applicant: Just saying “I am a strong leader” is not enough.Each will have a slightly different ethos and look for something different in their students. Every claim you make must have supporting stories that help the reader believe you.Enlist someone who knows about the application process and make sure they are not just reassuring you that all is well, but are actually giving you some quality feedback.More from our application special How to find the right MBAPhilip Delves Broughton: Why you shouldn't bother with an MBAApplication dos and don'ts Video: What does a business school look for in an applicant?Many find that the first application can take around 40 hours of work—brainstorming, drafting, editing, refining.As you approach this process, make sure you have the time. Do not take work leave or attempt it in a single week. Therefore make sure that you have plenty of time to do it right. A page full of so-so text is less intimidating than that blank page.Their aim is to push applicants to reflect on their unique capabilities related to business, leadership, and other professional areas.Applicants need to be able to take the essay question and apply it to their own experience, which will be different from the experience of any other individual.Finding answers to questions such as these will not only help you write the most relevant MBA essay, but they will also show you whether this is exactly the study opportunity you are looking for.Check out: Top 10 Articles about MBA Admission and Test Prep in 2018 In many cases, MBA essay prompts are somewhat personal in nature.


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