Master Thesis In Physics

Master Thesis In Physics-19
For the design of the cover page, the FAU-logo is available in pdf and jpg.

For the design of the cover page, the FAU-logo is available in pdf and jpg.

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Thesis work begins after completion of the five required courses for Master's students, or after completion of the eight required courses and passing of the Ph. This is an option only if all of your coursework is completed.

However, if your thesis takes longer than this, you can sign up for Master's Continuing Research, which provides automatic full time status but carries no credits.

It is suggested that the student ask the faculty members who are chosen to see if they are willing to serve on the Thesis Committee.

A brief outline of the thesis project should be given to help the prospective committee member make an informed decision whether to serve on the Thesis Committee.

Because a thesis will be a genuine research project, changes of the scope may occur during the work on the project.

However, the scope of the study should only be extended in agreement with the student and the Thesis Committee.It is better to first get information on the work areas of the professors, to consult their home pages and to speak directly to the academics.The Bachelor thesis in other departments, faculties or organizations requires an advisor from the physics department in every situation before the thesis begins.Part time students who need to take time off may sign up for Master's Continuous Registration, which carries zero credits, but which will allow you to continue to be officially a matriculated student.The Thesis Advisor and the student together develop a proposed thesis project.The advisor carries the academic responsibility, endorses the students work, and registers and examines the thesis (see document).All professors, academics, junior research group leaders and candidates from the department of physics are allowed to be advisors.As a Master student you will be fully embedded in the host research group and work in an international team on fascinating present-day problems in collaboration with a thesis advisor and supervisor.More detailed information concerning the various research topics is provided below and in case you are interested in participating in one of these efforts, please feel free to address (one of) the contact persons mentioned.The Bachelor's and Master's theses are core module of the respective degree programs.Finding a topic and supervisor Topics for Bachelor's or Master's theses should be closely related to the latest research in the respective field.


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