Male Marginalization Thesis

Male Marginalization Thesis-30
What followed was a controversy that has persisted until the present time.

Defining Patriarchy The seminal theoretical contribution of feminist scholarship to social theory has been that of the radical feminist in firmly placing patriarchy as an important category in social theorizing and analysis.

However, the problematic has become the definition of patriarchy.

What is new is its forms of expression in the contemporary circumstances of modern society.

I will employ both the history of Barbados and theory to support these positions.

I therefore welcome the opportunity afforded me by the History Department here at Cave Hill to deliver this lecture in the Gender in Society Series.

Indeed, it was historians on the Mona Campus that first acknowledged that the documentation presented was sound.

In attempting to explain and account for any phenomenon, it is necessary to employ some theory, whether implicitly or explicitly. At the same time theoretical discussions are usually reserved for the halls of academia and are not usually the focus of public or popular debates.

The risk of attempting to address theoretical matters in a popular forum is recognized, but this is the best way of advancing understanding of male marginalisation that is increasingly becoming the focus of popular concern and debate.

Their main intention was to exploit available opportunities.

Relatively speaking, of the West Indian colonies, Barbados had a higher proportion of settlers compared to exploiters.


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